protecting and empowering the Ethereum community against frontrunning and censorship

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about us

Zeromev is an organization that aims to protect Ethereum users from frontrunning and censorship.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have already been lost by users to such exploits, which is often called Miner Extractable Value (MEV).

We aim to:

We have been funded with a grant from the Ethereum Foundation.

Our flagship product is the zeromev frontrunning explorer which gives users and researchers detailed information on transaction reordering and MEV.

We also offer Zeromev-Geth, an alternative execution client for validators wishing to protect users from frontrunning and the network from harmful centralization.

You can now access our data freely via the Zeromev API.

Zeromev was founded by the pseudo-anonymous researcher pmcgoohan who first alerted the community to the vulnerability we now call MEV in their 2014 post miners frontrunning.